Our Instruments

The musical instruments sound best and produce the magnificent music when it plays as per its master. Similarly, the team which shaped the vision of the seniors into this splendid beautiful parks, are the instruments of the Dadi Janki Park.

Hansa Bhen

She is not only the instrument for caring and serving Dadi Ji but also an embodiment of pure feelings, respect and regard.
Its her immense love for Dadiji that she actively participated in the discussions and gave her valuable suggestions during the development phase of the park.
She is one of the members for bringing the dream of Dadi Janki Ji Park into reality.

Naresh Bhai

He serves in the Accommodation Department at Gyan sarovar.He was one of the engineers who had a major role in the construction of Gyan Sarovar.
He has extended his expertise from planning to development phase of the Park.
His vision for the development of the Park has always been the guidelines for the entire team.

Harish Bhai

He serves in the Kitchen store at Gyan Sarovar.
Along with the assigned responsibility of the store, he takes keen interest in the development of the parks in and around the Gyan Sarovar Campus.
He has rejuvenated the Nirmal van and the polo ground with his efforts, which speaks a lot for his love for nature.
His intense efforts have brought the idea of the park from the papers to the reality on the grounds.

Aditi Bhen

She serves in the Accommodation Department at Gyan Sarovar.
She gives the Rajyoga meditation classes in different conferences held at Gyan sarovar.
Visitors from all over the World have learnt the Raj yoga meditation from her. Her true and selfless love for the almighty is reflected from her actions. She has actively participated in the planning of the park and execution of the same.
Being from the media background she uses her expertise in the publicity of various events held by the organisation.