Our Inspiration

The great leaders are the ones who inspire the team every moment towards the achievement of goals and their guidance is the Light House for them. The Dadis, senior brothers and sisters were the inspiration for the entire team involved in developing the Park.

Dadi Janki

Born in 1916, she is the active Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris. With unshakeable conviction, she refuses to set limitations for herself through her tireless service to others. She has been thus engaged since 1937 and also spent 40 years based in London from 1974. She has inspired individuals of all cultures and professions to live according to a higher sense of purpose and to contribute to the creation of a better world. Deep and insightful, she is an absolute joy to listen to and observe.

Dadi HridayMohini

She is the Additional Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris. Her name means ‘The one who attracts the heart'. It fits the way she is exactly. Popularly known as Gulzar (‘rose garden'), she was one of the original members of the boarding school set up in 1937 by Brahma Baba. Her long-term, concentrated training in spiritual principles and practice has made her a living example of virtues. Simple, silent and profound she also inspires millions throughout the world.

Dadi Ratanmohini

She is the Joint Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris and is one of the backbone members residing at the Headquarters. In childhood she created the foundation of her life in the early days of Brahma Kumaris. She lives up to her name 'most beautiful jewel' by always appearing light and tension-free. Dedicated and forthright, her focus has been the development and training programs for teachers throughout India and serves as the spiritual resource to the team of young people responsible for the personal development and growth of youth. Now in her eighties, she remains lively and young at heart.

BK Dr Nirmala Didi

She is the director of the Academy for the Better World, Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu and Raja Yoga Centre’s in the Asia Pacific region. Her special area of interest is in the field of self-transformation, personal development and how the human being’s mental process can be enhanced through an accurate method of meditation. A medical doctor and a yogi, Dr. Nirmala combines the pragmatic qualities of a doctor with the mystical understanding of Raja Yoga. She has been practicing Raja Yoga for 53 years, since she first came across it in December 1962 in Mumbai. As the administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris activities in the Asia Pacific Region, her role spans 15 countries, 72 Centre’s, 56 sub Centre’s and 4 retreat Centre’s in Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

BK Nirwair

He is the Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris. He joined the organization at a very young age of 20. Half a century has gone by but the zeal and the enthusiasm of youth persists. Rather, these traits have blended with maturity and mellowness. In nutshell, BK Nirwair Ji is the crown jewel of bapdada and the beacon light of the divine family.


BK Brijmohan

He is the Addl. Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris. He is not only a good writer but also an effective speaker. He is basically a chartered accountant and law graduate. He is ever ready to visit any place in India and abroad for Godly service. His organizational skills were reflected in the creditable organization of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Programmes held in Delhi.


BK Ramesh Shah

He is the Addl. Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris. He is practicing chartered accountant and is considered an authority on financial matters of the organization. He is well versed in the latest rules and regulations of the Income Tax Department and follows them with utmost care and thoroughness. He is role model for the divine family in keeping balance between love and law.


Ashok Gaba

He is the manager of the Gyan Sarovar Campus at the International Headquarters and National Coordinator of the Service Security wing of RERF. In his early days, he served in the Indian Air force as a Squadron Leader. From last 40 years, he is dedicatedly serving the society and has represented the organization at various national and international platforms.


Shashi Bhen

She is the national Coordinator of the Sports Wing. She is the Office Secretary in International Headquarters. She is entrusted with the additional responsibility of Rajyoga Shivirs' management. Similarly, she has looks after the comfortable stay of overseas delegates and godly students. She has been performing her duties with utmost efficiency and cheerful disposition for the last 40 years at the Headquarters.